confezioni biodegradabile

Also available in biodegradable packaging
(tray + bag) ↓


Vaschetta cm 7x19x4,5 con espositoreContainer cm 7x19x4,5 with display box
Vaschette: cm 14x18x4,5 e 14,5x24.5x5Containers: cm 14x18x4,5 and 14,5x24.5x5
Vaschetta con coperchio cm 11x16x5,5Container with lid cm 11x16x5,5
Sacchetto cm 17x35Plastic bag cm 17x35
Cassetta di cartone cm 11x30x7Cardboard box cm 11x30x7
Cassetta polistirolo cm 20x29x9,5Polystyrene box cm 20x29x9,5
Cassetta polistirolo cm 29x40x10Polystyrene box cm 29x40x10
Vaso diametro cm 18Pot diameter cm 18
Vaso diametro cm 14Pot diameter cm 14
Orto Ricci - Lazio


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