Endive, escarole and curly salad
Curled-leaved endive and escarole endive are two head-shaped vegetables, with a short stem, which enclose, inside a rosette of leaves, a "heart", which may be more or less compact.

The endive "Scarola" is a biennial variety of envy whose exact name is Cichorium endivia latifolium. It belongs to the Compositae family and is native to Asia Minor. It has an open head, light yellow in colour in the central part which becomes greener and greener. The leaves are smooth or slightly wavy. It contains very few fats, while vegetable proteins and fructose abound. This makes it ideal for those who are on a slimming diet. It favours the purification of the organism thanks to the great quantity of water contained in its leaves. In addition, many fibres, mineral salts, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium, calcium, iron and riboflavin can also be found. It can be considered the most important of the endives, both for quality and for diffusion.

"Riccia" endive is characterised by jagged leaves with an unmistakable curly edge, a pleasantly bitter taste and a pleasantly crisp texture. Its taste has a typical bitterish trait that gives it a structured taste, superior to many types of salad. It is firm and crunchy, and is eaten both raw (recommended) and cooked.

December 31, 2018
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riccio grigio
riccio grigio
riccio grigio
riccio grigio
Cassetta di cartone cm 11x30x7Cardboard box cm 11x30x7
riccio grigio
Cassette polistirolo: cm 29x40x10 e 29x40x14,5Polystyrene boxes: cm 29x40x10 and 29x40x14,5
riccio grigio
riccio grigio
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